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Our next MASS Chapter meeting will be
Friday, February 10, 2023 @ 7:00pm
  (2nd Friday) 



We LOVE to receive new members and you are always welcome to join us.  This month we will not be on Zoom but we will be in-person!  Join us:

Craig Memorial Tabernacle

14201 Puritan (at Ardmore)

Detroit, MI  48204


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GMWA Det no rehearsal.jpg

Choir Calendar

As a choir of gifted  and committed musicians and singers, the GMWA Detroit Chapter sings to serve the hearts and souls of audiences wherever they perform.  Each opportunity to minister, offers a unique and sensational experience that promises to be a blessing to the listeners. Browse the calendar and find out where we’ll be performing next.

Enjoy our 2022 BHM Concert

Black History Month Concert

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GMWA Detroit Chapter's Virtual Video

Watch the virtual video "Bless The Lord"