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GMWA Detroit Chapter Members

Welcome to the GMWA Detroit Chapter members page! Here you will find all the relevant information for our members. We are a community of gospel music lovers who come together to share our passion and talents. Join us in our mission to spread the joy of gospel music throughout Detroit and beyond.


What's Happening

National Convention 2024

July 14 - 19
Memphis, TN

New Chapter Registration for 2024

Members and Supporters

We are currently updating our membership roles and kindly request that you take a moment to fill out the necessary information if you have not already done so at the last rehearsal on June 14th. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



We want to include this information at our reunion.  Please fill out the form with the name of any member that has passed since 2015. Include the death date and if this person was a member or a supporter.  

Date of death
Was this person a
Detroit Chapter Member
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